Cleanse & Restore

30 Day Cleanse and Restore

❤ 2nd July – 31st July 2018 ❤


Oh HEY! We are so happy to invite you to CLEANSE with us!

Dedicate time & support to our bodies to give it the best chance ever to renew!

We are so worthy of it!

We are going to take an honest assessment of our lives and our destructive habits during the 30 days to shift into healthy habits AND feel at the top of our A game!

We are exposed to toxins daily!

The cleanse is designed to support and detoxify our 5 detox organs including kidneys, skin, liver, lungs and colon.

We have brought together a team of wellness experts to inspire, motivate and guide us through this cleanse.

The BIG focus is on supplements, food for wellness, yoga, meditation, and essential oils.

There is a private facebook group with daily SUPPORT and we have an incredible EBOOK with wellness rituals and TOP health habits for YOU.

❤ Hmmmm is a cleanse what you are really looking for?

Let’s get super intentional about why we are here!

SO first things first check out this list of signs you need to cleanse:❤ Cravings

  • ❤ Bloating / Indigestion
  • ❤ Fatigue
  • ❤ Weight Loss Resistance
  • ❤ Moodiness
  • ❤ Insomnia / trouble Sleeping
  • ❤ Brain Fog
  • ❤ Body Odour
  • ❤ Stress

Do any of those apply to you?


Benefits of the 30 Day Cleanse

  • ❤ Detoxing toxins from food, pollution & products
  • ❤ Increased energy
  • ❤ Cleanse, support & detoxify our organs
  • ❤ Resetting food choices
  • ❤ No cravings / Curb food addictions
  • ❤ Absorbing micronutrients
  • ❤ Managing stress
  • ❤ Emotional release
  • ❤ Increase vibrational frequency
  • ❤ Deeper consciousness
  • ❤ Clear glowing eyes and skin
  • ❤ Healthy Yoga and meditation practice
  • ❤ Rocking an awesome set of wellness rituals.

It’s all about aligning into our happy healthy vibrant selves – goodbye HUSTLE!

Wellness is addictive.    Self care yourself and take hold of your power!


How do I get signed up for the cleanse?

The 30 day guided cleanse is £234.00

To sign up please contact me – SARAH: 07970 848 647 sarahrwhite@ymail.com

From here we will guide you into getting PREPPED for the cleanse.

Kits need to be ordered by 20th June.

Let’s ROCK… What is included in the £234.00

  • ❤ Facebook Group Mentorship
  • ❤ 4 x Yoga sessions at Alive to be used in the 30 days of the cleanse
  • ❤ Essential oil amazingness!
  • ❤ Food for wellness Inspo
  • ❤ Cleansing Rituals
  • ❤ Meditations and Yoga
  • ❤ Doterra Cleanse & Restore Kit
  • ❤ Wellness Warrior Ebook

DOTERRA’s Cleanse & Restore Kit includes:

  • ❤ Lifelong Vitality Pack
  • ❤ Lemon Essential Oil
  • ❤ GX Assist®
  • ❤ PB Assist+®
  • ❤ TerraZyme®
  • ❤ DDR Prime Softgels
  • ❤ Grapefruit Essential Oil

These needs to be added to your basket when ordering as not in the kit but needed for the cleanse.

We would also recommend you buy:

  • ❤ Body brush
  • ❤ Tounge Cleaner/Scraper
  • ❤ Coco oil for massage
  • ❤ You will need a juicer and a blender to make the smoothies/ juices.

You can always borrow these items and if you don’t have a juicer or you can just BLEND.

OMG yay x x I am visualising glowing skin and sparkly eyes!

To sign up please contact me (SARAH 07970848647) call/text me, give me your email address and why you want to cleanse. From here we will guide you into getting PREPPED for the cleanse.

x x x Sarah x x x